Junction 16 and The Kingsmead School have always prided themselves in providing an efficient commissioning process, in order to offer your students an extensive range of Alternative Provision within Derby City.

We do this alongside the Local Authority’s procurement department, to enable consistent and robust, contractual agreements with any alternative provider who is successful in gaining a place on our Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) TD1241.

Junction 16 have complimented this service by providing in depth, regular Quality Assurance (QA) checks for any provider that may be commissioned, to ensure they are compliant with Ofsted guidelines for AP and continuing to offer quality alternative education, throughout the entirety of any placement. We have two fantastic mentors who oversee this QA and also provide a mentor service to each individual student, family and school that refer in through Junction 16.

We are happy to continue providing these services on your behalf, however there will be some key changes this academic year (2020/21) that require your careful consideration before contacting us with your AP requirements. These are as follows:

J16/QA mentor service – to continue but for a limited/capped usage with service charges.

  1. Capped mentor caseload – reviewed by Kingsmead School (KSM)
  2. Capped no. of vocational sessions per week (see Part Time Placements section), per student at 2.5 for vocational, above this then a referral for a full time place at KSM or DPA should be made
  3. Reporting in line with KSM data entry points and wider feedback to schools
  4. FSM charges will be additional
  5. Accreditation charges will be additional where applicable and at cost from the provider (no change from previous years)
  6. Invoicing will be managed and overseen by KSM
  7. Service charges will apply:
    1. A one off admin fee per student of £50 (includes management of the DPS to facilitate placement, advice on placement choice, initial QA of provider and provision, networking with family; student; schools; MAs, arrangement of visits and transport to first session).
    1. A percentage uplift of 10% per placement to cover ongoing QA/mentor services (Including but not limited to: regular communications with student and parent/carer, attendance at some[1] meetings, termly QA of providers, reporting, attendance monitoring, invoicing and incident management etc.)
    1. A £25 one off admin fee per placement change[2]

J16 service for Core, Virtual Learning, Therapy, Discrete group or New provision – these outcomes and contracts are very unique and student specific and do incur a lot of intensive involvement from a key staff member. We are unable to cost a J16 service to reflect the amount of work involved and therefore can only facilitate the initial referral and commissioning service. The referring school will manage the ongoing quality assurance themselves until end of placement.

  • A one off admin fee per provider, of £25 for use of any awarded Core, Virtual Learning or Therapy contract (including but not limited to; initial QA and use of the DPS that we manage to provide the contract documentation).
  • A one off admin fee per provision, of £25 for use of any existing contracted provision without J16 mentor service (including but not limited to; initial QA and use of the DPS that we manage to provide the contract documentation). The referrer would oversee each individual student and their placement/s.
  • A one off admin fee per discrete group or discrete placement request that involves a new contract being written and awarded(see Discrete Placements section) request, of £75 (£50 for commissioning process, £25 initial QA)
  • Invoicing arrangements for any of these placements will be direct between the provider and school. KSM will not process any invoices for these placements as we will be unable to check them against ongoing changes to any provisions used.

Full time AP placements at KSM will now all be offered under one single route. There will be no full time J16 places.

  • Full time AP placements will be referred in to the J16 AP Manager who will facilitate the initial referral process through to induction (see Full Time Placements section)
  • KSM will co-ordinate and oversee the full package of education including all necessary multi agency referrals, statutory assessments[3] and post 16 support should the student remain dual reg to this point
  • Referrals taken from all year groups dependent on capacity of KSM to provide at the point of referral
  • Reporting in line with KSM data entry points and wider feedback to schools
  • Placement cost £20K per academic year (including Y11), pro rata on point of entry
  • Pupil Premium charges will be additional
  • Transport charges will be additional

[1] The responsibility to attend meetings remains with the referring school. A mentor can support with these but would never become the sole attendee on behalf of a school without an official request for this to happen.

[2] To optimise attendance, engagement and outcomes, we advocate and support informed choices for initial placements. Any changes that are unnecessary and/or affect the QA services offered, will incur this fee. Does not apply to additional sessions at the same provider.

[3] Any multi agency referrals or statutory assessments that are in process at the point of referral will need to be joint managed until an effective handover point is reached.