“Good alternative provision is that which appropriately meets the needs of pupils which required its use and enables them to achieve good educational attainment on par with their mainstream peers.”

Department for Education (DfE), (2013) Alternative Provision, Statutory Guidance for Local
Authorities, p. 10 – www.gov.uk/government/publications/alternative-provision

Junction 16 will continue to offer full-time placements for students as an Alternative Provision option. The curriculum offer for these placements will be consistent with any other Kingsmead placement. Details of this can be found in a separate booklet available on our website.

A full-time Junction 16 placement student would remain on your school roll. Kingsmead School will co-ordinate the full‑time package of education creating a timetable of both core and vocational provision to suit the needs of the student referred*. For this to be successful we require from you:

  • A complete, up to date Secondary Placement Panel referral form with all relevant and comprehensive information/data included with a named school contact given
  • Agreement from yourselves that you have recorded the reasons for your referral to alternative provision “Specific personal, social and academic needs of the pupils are properly identified and met in order to help them to overcome any barriers to attainment;” Department for Education (DfE), (2013) Alternative Provision, Statutory Guidance for Local Authorities, p. 10
  • Consent and understanding from the parents/carers as to reasons for the AP placement
  • Any up to date supporting documents/information on the student not included in the referral form, i.e. Statement/EHCP, Risk Assessment, Safeguarding/EHA plans
  • Full school file/records including a detailed description of any exams/work/texts completed and any particular subjects they would like to continue with and copies of such as appropriate
  • Agreement of costs of placement until end of Y11 – email contract will be sent for authorisation
  • Agreement of curriculum offer for a Kingsmead placement

With all this is in place we will support you and your student by:

  • Arranging a meeting with key staff involved with the student to hand over any important information
  • Allocating an appropriate educational base and communicating with the student/parent/carer to attend induction/assessment appointments before a timetable will be put in place
  • Termly feedback of students’ progress (in line with whole school feedback procedures) including academic achievements and any predicted outcomes both core and vocational
  • Weekly attendance updates
  • Access to any interim information as required
  • Agreement to speak to and provide any additional data for Ofsted should this be requested for the AP placement

* If at any stage a referral is deemed inappropriate, or The Kingsmead School are unable to meet the needs of the student, a

discussion will take place with the referring school and the application process would cease.