Referral Process

To refer any student or to make general enquiries, please contact the J16 Alternative Provision Manager on 01332 973869.  The process for setting up a placement or discrete provision will then be as follows:

  • Availability of placements and costs will be discussed
  • Electronic referral, target plan and consent forms will be sent referrer (additional paperwork may be required dependent on student/referral)
  • A designated Alternative Provision Mentor will be allocated to oversee any part time vocational placement/s (for full-time or therapeutic services a keyworker within a base will be allocated or other appropriate person)
  • A confirmation email will be sent including cost and provision detail – this will form the contract and must be agreed by the Headteacher
  • Once all forms are received and costs confirmed, the placement can then be set up; this can take up to five working days

NB – for any discrete groups or individual bespoke packages, the request for specific provision will be sent out to all providers on the DPS framework and responses collected from any interested providers. All responses will then be offered to the referrer who will be able to confirm which best meets their group/individual’s needs. The Alternative Provision Manager will be able to advise on set up times upon initial referral.

Alternative Provision Mentor role

For any J16 part time placement, a named mentor will oversee the placement. They will support with:

  • Liaison between provider(s), school and family/carers
  • Attending/arranging any necessary meetings for the student
  • Management of absences on the day and notification to schools if not resolved
  • Supporting with any incidents, involving the referring school as necessary
  • Sending timely feedback to the school regarding the placement(s)

Term Dates/absence from provision/charges

  • The Kingsmead School inset days – non-chargeable and provision closed
  • Other school inset days – chargeable, provision open and available
  • The Kingsmead School holidays – non-chargeable and provision closed
  • Where term dates sit outside of The Kingsmead School’s term dates, provision is still available for young

people and chargeable

  • Placements cannot be cancelled for one-off sessions. All missed sessions, including where a provider excludes, are chargeable. Work may need to be done to arrange a re-integration meeting but the placement will be kept open for the student to return to the following session
  • Absences from provision – it is the school’s responsibility to notify J16 of any known absences in as much advance as possible e.g. exams, school trips, illnesses
  • Provider notification of closure (unforeseen circumstances) – non-chargeable
  • For full-time referrals in Year 10 there must be a commitment to fund for two academic years
  • For part-time referrals, free school meals that are claimed whilst in provision will be charged for at the local rate.

Accreditation Outcomes

  • All accreditation outcomes are dependent on attendance for the full academic year. Where attendance is less than 100%, unit-based accreditation may be possible
  • Year 11’s academic year will end on the last Friday in June and all other year groups will run until the end of July. Any placements ended before official leaving dates could affect accreditation outcomes
  • Core provision will remain the responsibility of the referring school where the placement is part-time
  • Progress is reviewed termly and will be recorded on the student report


  • A contract will be drawn up in email format, detailing the requested placement/s and costs. Placements can be set up at any point in the academic year to respond to need and can also be on a short-term basis
  • All costs and placement details must be confirmed and agreed with the Headteacher
  • Schools will be invoiced by The Kingsmead School and not the Provider. This will be on a termly basis directly through Oracle
  • Unless a request to cancel a placement is confirmed in writing (email) by the referrer to J16, the placement will remain open and chargeable.
  • Placements require a minimum of five working days’ notice to cancel

NB – Please ensure all changes or amendments to any provision or placement are discussed directly with J16 in the first instance. All discussions/arrangements made directly with a provider will fall outside of any agreement with J16 or The Kingsmead School. This could incur additional costs and would not be something we could quality assure on your behalf.