Welcome to The Kingsmead School

Castle Education Centre

Telephone 01332 973869

Contact Staff

  • Franky Boyland – Assistant Head
  • Saroj Joshi – ECHO Coordinator
  • Vicki Grainger – Alternative Provision Manager
  • Liz Rodgers- Head of Science

What We Do

Castle Education Centre is used for young people who are unable to attend school for medical reasons.  It is a quiet and calm environment that supports young people with specific medical needs. 

ECP – Enhanced Care Project is provided through Castle Education Centre although most of this work is completed away from the building, there may be occasions where young people may access the building where necessary

The Hair and Beauty provision for Kingsmead School is base at the Castle Education Centre, we have a modern salon on site that is facilitated by a qualified tutor/hairdresser and tutor/beautician.

Day 6 provision for young people who have received a permanent exclusion from school and require temporary education provision may come to Castle on a short term bases in preparation for their next step in Education. Once the placement is known, we offer support in re-integration to whichever establishment this may be. This process is sustained for a period of usually 12 weeks, until a final outcome is resolved.