Welcome to The Kingsmead School

Our Structure

There are currently five sites to The Kingsmead School, the main site on Bridge Street which is our administrative site and four other sites around Derby. You can find out more about each of our sites by clicking a link from the Centres sub menu.

Young people are offered a place at the provision which best meets their needs and gives them the best chance of being successful. Whichever site a pupil attends they will be offered the same high standard of education and support and the placement will be regularly reviewed. For some young people an individualised package is set up which may require them to access provision on more than one site. Sometimes it can seem complicated at first – but it isn’t! We make sure that each young person is well supported and that the flexible package meets their needs.


Each student is allocated a key worker who is the link between the school and home and this person takes a lead role in overseeing their progress, attendance and behaviour. The student and keyworker hold regular reviews – for some this is on a daily basis, and we provide regular feedback to parents. Being able to work in partnership with parents and other agencies is extremely important to the progress of each young person.


Students receive their education in a small group setting, with opportunity for individual attention and support where required.