Welcome to The Kingsmead School

School Vision


  VisionPupils, parents, staff, governors and other stakeholders were all consulted when agreeing our vision. The KingsmeadSchool
  • Inspires and supports young people
  • Cares for and values young people
  • Provides opportunities for all its pupils
  • Puts the emotional health and well-being of young people first
  • Expects young people to work to their full potential
  • Never gives up on a young person
We are particularly proud of the fact that as part of the consultation pupils placed ‘never gives up on a young person’ at the top of their list! We are committed to developing all aspects of our provision in collaboration with the secondary schools across the city to ensure that we can meet the ever changing needs of those young people who need that little bit of extra support in managing their behaviour. Feedback from pupils, schools, parents and other stakeholders is very positive.